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Absolute truth : we will never reach it
Actions : agreement necessary between Actions and belief
Actions : leave indelible traces in us
Activities : for each of them weigh the gains and the losses
Age of Aquarius : prepare to benefit from its currents
Aid : we will obtain more through our light than recounting our misfortunes
Alchemical work : know how to suffer to become a creator
Alchemical work : liberate the divine quintessence in ourselves
Alchemy, astrology, magic, Cabbalah : revealed to those who seek the divine life
Ambition : do not confuse it with the high ideal
‘And the spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters’ : commentary
Angel of Fire : entrust him with our highest desires
Angels of the four elements : addressing a prayer tto them
Angels of the Four Elements : commune with them through food
Annoyances : a method to overcome them
Artificial paradise : testifies to the needs of the soul to which its true food is not given
Artist : must find inspiration in the divine world
Artist : must take himself in the first instance as the matter of his creation
Asceticism : is not necessarily proof of spirituality
Asceticism : commentary on the parable
Atheism : its negative effects in a society
Attitude : its magic power
Attraction of the earth : how to escape it
Aura : substance of the magic word


Balance : victory at each moment of opposing forces
Bank : analogy with the human being
Baptism : lifelong work to enhance its effects
Beginning : be attentive to always – correctly
Belief : faith works whereas – waits
Believers and non-believers : have equally little conviction (anecdote)
Bible : the universe that God has created is the one true Bible
Black magic : how to consider it
Black magic : avoid seeing it everywhere
Blessings of heaven : conditions to fulfil in order to receive them
Blessings of heaven : learn to receive and hold onto them
Blessings of heaven : think to share them with the whole world
Blood : is that in us which is closest to the light
Blood : serves as food for entities in the invisible world
Bread and wine : their rite of consecration originates with Melchizedek
Breath : human life: interval of time between the first and the last Breath
Brotherhood : idea brought by Christianity
Brotherhood : the conditions of life will compel human beings to develop a feeling for
Brotherhood : is the value of the future
Brotherhood among human beings : because divine life flows in all of them
Butterfly : from caterpillar to Butterfly. The work on the aura


Candle flame : an exercise
Celestial flame : from which we ignite our spirit and soul. Orthodox Easter
Centres of light : importance of creating Centres of light
Certainty : method for attaining it
Certitudes : necessary for the human being
Change of existence : analogy with fasting
Changes : when do we have the right to bring Changes
Character : more important than intellectual faculties
Charity : rediscover the original meaning of this word
Chinese tale : the sage who became emperor, and his wife
Christianity : the need to reconsider its foundation
Christmas : festival of light
Christmas and Easter : two pages from the great Book of Nature
Church : its mistake: to have wished to become a worldly power
Circle : circumference and centre point; their symbolism
Circle and the centre : universality of this structure
Clairvoyance : is only given through love
Clouds : our inner Clouds hide the divinity
Collectivity : it is always in our interest to work for it
Common ideal : only means to create harmony among human beings
Comparison : a factor in one’s evolution
Comparison : learn to use this faculty
Conditions : accept difficult Conditions
Conditions : when they are favourable, changes are made
Confidence : as a pedagogic virtue
Confidence in future : founded on knowledge of laws
Conscience : is appeased only if we make amends
Conscience : can be appeased only if we make amends
Consciousness : expands by means of love and is enlightened by wisdom
Consciousness : enlargement of Consciousness : enter into the immense community of beings
Consciousness, divine and human : their fusion
Conviction : one of the greatest forces that exists
Convictions : do not expose them in order to better preserve them
Correct attitude : to find God
Cosmic Intelligence : harmonize with it daily
Cosmic laws : their effects only seen over a long period of time
Cosmic laws : will one day give us what we deserve
Cosmic Ocean : we become conscious of our psychic milieu through purification
Creation : an activity of the mental plane
Creation : uninterrupted process of the condensation of light
Creator : denying his existence is absurd
Criticism : ends by impoverishing those who practice it
Criticism : practiced by those who do not know how to work
Cross : a symbol to understand and bring to life


Daath : cosmic memory
Dawn : greet it so that our day may be illumined
Death : in Death the only riches we carry are our qualities and virtues
Death and life : co-exist always
Deceptions : surmount them to stay alive
Deceptions : must not destroy our trust
Descent into matter : has been foreseen by Cosmic Intelligence
Destiny : depends on the thoughts and feelings that we have sown
Difficulties : do not enlarge them in advance
Difficulties : prepare oneself to confront them by intensifying the life in oneself
Difficulties - raw materials on which we must work : raw materials on which we must work
Disciple : how he must consider his Master
Disciple : responsibilities toward those around him
Discouragement : how to make use of it
Discouragement : a high ideal preserves us from it
Disinterestedness : gives us access to eternal life
Dislikes : overcome them in the name of the ideal of brotherhood
Divine energies : prepare channels for circulation
Divine filiation : act in accordance with our Divine filiation
Divine glory : enter into Divine glory
Divine grace : its manifestations
Divine heritage : rejoice in the thought of receiving it one day
Divine ideas : welcome those which come to visit you
Divine law : human beings carry it within them
Divine life : is living in truth
Divine love : is a fire which renders us like itself
Divine Mercy : its manifestations
Divine principle : how to manifest the birth of the Divine principle in us
Divine punishment : there is no Divine punishment but only the consequences of our bad behaviour
Divine revelations : no limit can be imposed on it
Divine source : maintain the link with it
Divine source : re-establish your link with it
Divine will : attune one’s projects to it
Divine will : become its instrument necessitates a prior work
Divine wisdom : trust it, because it has foreseen everything for our evolution
Divine workers : attract the Divine workers
Divine world : how to become its instrument
Divinity : we cannot see it in others unless we bring it life in ourselves
Divinity : a spiritual master works for the Divinity which lives in each being
Division : its dangers
‘Do not be anxious about to-morrow’ : commentary
Doctor : the advice of a good Doctor
Doing good : without expecting anything
Doing good : learn to yield fruit
Doubt : how to conquer the Doubt in oneself
Doubt : its usefulness
Doubt : an obstacle to action
Doubt : its paralyzing effects


Ear of wheat : similarities between its adventures and the ordeals of human beings
Earth : exercise to do with it
Earth : intermediary between the sun and creatures
Earth : is the place where we can evolve
Education : germination of the seeds planted in each of us by the Creator
Education of children : make them realize the existence of laws
Efforts : alone can take us closer to God
Efforts : are only justified if supported by a high ideal
Efforts : to make in order to develop oneself harmoniously
Egregor : definition and activity
Emanations : their maleficent or beneficent effects
Enemies : how to transform them into friends
Enemies : conquer them by light
Enemies : are often more useful than our friends
Enemy : how we become our own Enemy
Energy : from energy to matter and vice versa, there is no break
‘Enter by the narrow gate’ : commentary
Equality : a notion which must unite with that of fraternity
Errors : cosmic Intelligence allows us the time to repair them
Essential truths : it is never too late to know them
‘Eternal life is to know You, the only true God.’ : Commentaries
Evil : use to reinforce good. Grafts
Evil : put it in service to good
Evil : relative to the perception we have of it
Evolution : facilitated thanks to methods of a spiritual teaching
Evolution : is measured by the degree of sensitivity
Evolution : learn to distinguish the essential from the incidental
Evolution : take superior beings as models
Evolution : criteria of Evolution; capacity of entering into relationship with others
Evolution : realize the synthesis of form and force
Excesses and pleasures : must be paid for in one way or another
Exchanges : fathom Exchanges that we make with nature and all beings
Existence of God : does not prove itself by arguments
Existence of God : we can doubt the Existence of God but not the existence of the laws
Expectations : not to hold grudges against others when they do not meet our Expectations
Experiences : happy or unhappy serve our evolution
Experiences : are necessary before pronouncing oneself


Face : bears the reflection of what we seek in others
Face : rediscover our true Face by returning to the divine Source
Faith : based on the knowledge of laws
Faith : do not confuse Faith and belief
Faith : an open door for spiritual forces
Faith : find the most suitable ways to express it
Faith : is nourished by our consciousness of the riches God placed in creation
Faith : founded on an experience of the divine world
Faith : is a factor in inner realisation
Family : accept the one we were given
Family : the incarnation of a child in a Family is never by chance
Family : must not be understood as a goal, but as a point of departure
Fanaticism : the product of faith without love
Fanaticism : its aberrations
Fast : its benefits
Fate : determined by our attitude to the divine world
Faults : our faith does not suffice to erase them
Fear : is conquered by the light
Fear : conquer it by having faith in good
Fear : is conquered by light
Fear : the only legitimate Fear is that of transgressing the divine order
Field of consciousness : broadens when we contemplate immensity
Fire : know how to kindle it in ourselves as well
Fire : and sacrifice have the same functions
Fire : its functions in initiatic practice
Fire and air : represented in us by love and wisdom
Fire of the spirit : remodels our psychic forms
Fire of the spirit : give it our dead branches to burn
First day of the year : how to live
Flame : to be kept alive within us
Flame : strengthen it in oneself until it becomes a blaze
Flame of a candle : learn to work with it
Flowers : have a voice we can hear
Food : how to draw out the most beneficial elements from it
Food : each creature assimilates it according to his own structure
Foods : on the spiritual plane we can only give those which resemble us
‘For whoever would save his life will lose it’ : commentary
Forces of evil : always awaken the rise of forces of good
Four categories of human beings : Arabic proverb
Four elements : be in relationship with them
Four elements : supports for our spiritual life
Freedom : we gain it only be respecting divine laws
Freedom : privilege of the spirit
Freedom : closes the doors of heaven and earth to us when misunderstood
Freedom : its condition: always put the spirit in first place
Freedom : cannot be found outside God
Freedom : a spiritual master leaves human beings Freedom, it is life which is implacable
Friends : install them in our inner apartments
Friends : inner, establish them permanently within you
Fruits of the Tree of Life : are the virtues of the zodiacal constellations
Fusion of spirit and matter : process which resumes the life of the spiritualist
Future : to prepare it


Giving : before receiving
Glorify God : every moment of our life
‘Glory be to you, Lord’ : regarding the formula ‘Glory be to you, Lord’
Glory of Christ : enter into the Glory of Christ
God : to give up the idea of God who punishes gold rewards
God : he is present in all manifestations of life
God : we share the same nature with him
God : is above good and evil; but by thinking of good we link to Him
God : to taste his presence is more convincing than all explanations
God : unique source of life, feeds also infernal creatures
God : allows us to find the means within ourselves to discover Him
God : to find him in such a way that we can never lose him
God : we find Him by seeking Him within ourselves
God : manifestation of his presence within us
God : the impossibility of demonstrating his existence is an argument in his favour
God : his image has inevitably evolved over the centuries
God : it is through life that we are convinced of his existence
God : that he is invisible does not prove he does not exist
God and Mammon : we cannot serve both at the same time
God’s law : inscribed in our heart
Golden Age : the day people give each other the best of themselves
Good : if we truly wanted it, we would succeed in mani­festing it
Good : why and how to do it
Good : someone who desires Good must ask himself about the nature of this Good
Good : exists and always triumphs in the end
Good : like life, it always triumphs in the end
Goodness : one of the highest forms of intelligence
Gratitude : address one’s Gratitude to the Lord and not demands
Greatness : only comes from God


Habits : we need to work on them in order to transform ourselves
‘Hallowed be your name’ : commentary
Happiness : how to find it in love
Hate : do not use God to justify your Hate for men
Having faith : difficulty knowing what this means
Health : the spiritual world is also dependent on the way we feed ourselves
Health : to obtain it we must love it
Heart and mind : are both legs which we need to walk
Heavenly Father and Divine Mother : both are our parents
Heaviness : against which we must struggle every day
Heliocentric point of view : adopt it to find truth
Help from God : to receive it we must draw back the ‘curtains’
Heredity : is possibility of escaping it through the omnipotence of the spirit
High ideal : the only means of overcoming our weaknesses
Higher Self : how to rejoin it
Higher Self : manifestation of God in us
Higher self : should always inspire our conduct
Hope : a foretaste of perfection
Horse and rider : their symbolism
Host : its symbolic value is strengthened by the attitude of the faithful
Hostility : not to let yourself go to the feelings it inspires in you
How we consider : the importance of How we consider beings and things
Human being : is defined by his two natures Human being lower and higher
Human being : the true temple of God
Human being : contains all the wonders of heaven and earth
Human beings : in order to appreciate them, concentrate on their spirit
Human justice : its inadequacies
Human Soul : can never be dominated
Humility : is the universal solvent of the alchemists


‘I is He’ : explanation of this formula
Idea : living entity which comes from the world of the spirit
Ideas and opinions : revise them and sort them out
Identification : how to understand this exercise
Identification : the only means to truly possess something
‘If you have faith the size of a mustard seed’ : commentary
Ignorance : is never an excuse
Illusions : their usefulness, for they are opportunities to experiment
Illusions : may be momentarily beneficial
Illusions : learn to lose them while keeping the ability to trust
Image of God : our calling is to manifest it in all its plenitude
Image of God : seek it in each human being
Imagination : comparable to a space probe
Immortality : a state of consciousness acquired by identification with the spirit
‘In Him we live’ : commentary
Incarnations : prepare one’s future Incarnations
Incarnations : we carry the experiences of our previous ones
Incense : burn some Incense, symbolic significance
Individual development : must serve the good of the collectivity
Initiatic knowledge : comparison with official knowledge
Initiatic school : the nature of the activities in an Initiatic school
Initiatic teaching : each one should become the artisan of his future
Initiation : a work of the memory
Injustices : are only apparent
Inner acquisitions : to prioritise over external acquisitions
Inner measure : strive to find it
Inner realisations : are the only lasting ones
Inner sanctuary : leave one’s worries at the door of one’s Inner sanctuary
Inner states : are like places where we live and cause others to live
Inner tribunal : rely only on its judgement
Inspiration : conditions for its manifestation created by love
Instruments : those on the physical plane are shaped by those on the psychic plane
Intellect : damage caused by its excessive development
Intellectual capacities : influenced by the condition of our cells
Intellectual faculties : their development represents only one stage
Intelligence : improve it by improving one’s life-style
Invisible world : unconsciously, it is the realities of the Invisible world to which we attach the greatest importance
‘It is easier for a camel…’ : commentary


Jacob’s ladder : angelic hierarchies linking man and God
Jesus : how he would be received nowadays by Christians
Jesus : and the Christ
Jesus on the cross : explanation of his last words
Judgement : of oneself. The criteria
‘Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.’ : commentary


Kingdom of God : accessible only to those with a childlike heart
Kingdom of God : the obstacles to its realization
Kingdom of God : its coming depends on our collective work
Kingdom of God : is firstly a state of consciousness
Knowledge : is only useful if put into practice
Knowledge : must be used for helping others
Knowledge : true Knowledge is an acquisition of the inner life
Knowledge : must serve to lead toward God
Knowledge of the human being : the condition of a true Knowledge of the human being


Land of the living : where Jesus and the great Masters of humanity live
Last moments : their importance for the next incarnation
Law of affinity : key to spiritual realization
Law of exchange : its significance in the spiritual life
Law of resonance : its application in the spiritual life
Law of the sun : accept the Law of the sun : love and sacrifice
Laws : govern man and the universe
Laws : rule the psychic world as they rule the physical world
Laws of economy : valid in the spiritual domain as in the physical world
Leaders : best behaviour towards them
Life : respect and protect it in all creatures
Life : strive not to waste it
Life : do not waste it to gain advantages of less import­ance
Life : gift from God which must be made to bear fruit
Life : ask yourself what sort of Life you are living
Life : not to be considered as a means, but as a goal
Life : is true gold
Life : receive it in order to pass it on
Life : is what we have in common with God and all creatures
Life : food for all creatures
Light : always give it first place
Light : maintain consciousness in the realms of Light
Light : it is with Light that we build our inner being
Light : the most effective weapon against evil
Light : work with the Light is that which gives the most results
Light : because of it we are appreciated
Light : alone gives real power and knowledge
Light : the substance of creation
Likes and dislikes : how to use them
Link : importance of the Link with the Lord. Image of the electricity supply
Link with heaven : beneficial in any activity
Living with love : what this means
Lord : a centre around which everything organises itself
Love : a war with light as the weapon
Love : example of the bee and butterfly
Love : the transformations it produces on our thoughts and behaviour
Love : conditions which enable it to last
Love : its goal: to beautify the life in oneself and in others
Love : to find it, we must not search for it
Love : must involve the whole being
Love : true Love, is universal love
Love : an energy whichc omes from heaven and must return
Love : must contribute to the blossoming of creatures
Love : must become the true currency of exchange
Love : which brings plenitude
Love : conditions which make it permanent
Love : protect it by keeping your distance
Love : how to prepare oneself to taste it
Love : to attract it we must be alive
Love : of God protects us from evil
Love : in all Love we are seeking the love of God
Love : an energy which circulates everywhere in the universe
Love : by making us light, we become closer to heaven
Love : true Love demands nothing
Love and sexuality : definition
Love and wisdom : foundations of the psychic life
Love and wisdom : render all matter digestible
Love God : learn to Love God in order to love human beings
Love of one’s neighbour : respect in him the life he received from God
Love, faith and hope : formula for developing them
Lower nature : can only be subdued with the help of heaven
Lower nature : distrust with regard to Lower nature
Lower nature : sacrifice it to become alive
Lower nature : seeks all means and conditions to manifest itself.
Lower nature : can only cause disappointment
Lower nature : distrust its suggestions
Luminous entities : by our conduct we either attract or repulse them
Luminous spirits : invite them to take possession of us


Magic : true Magic : live and breathe the divine life
Magic wand : a symbol of the living link between heaven and earth
‘Make man in our image’ : interpretation
Mantras : their pronunciation
Marriage : in the spiritual life there is no sterile Marriage
Martyr : it is dangerous to seek it for the glory
Masculine and feminine principles : their manifestation in choral singing
Master of his destiny : count on nothing exterior to oneself
Material conditions : use them but do not count on them
Materialists and spiritualists : their errors
Matter : must become the mirror of spirit
Matter : spirit must incarnate in – but not become stuck in it
Maya : the sage avoids traps
Meaning : give one’s life a richer and richer Meaning
Meaning of life : conditions to find it
Meaning of life : to work for the kingdom of God
Medicine : must consider the whole organism
Meditation : some advice for this exercise
Meeting with God : is always inner
Mental habits : become aware of them in order to change them
Mercury : its symbolism. The Philosopher’s Stone
Methods : each day, new problems push us to find new Methods
Methods of the occult : their danger for the one who breaks the laws of cosmic harmony
Miracles : can only be achieved by the force of the spirit
Miraculous healings : their explanation
Mirror : symbol of phenomena on the astral plane
Misfortune : why the Misfortune of some gives happiness to others
Models : take the benefactors of humanity as our Models
Mother Nature : her judgements are implacable
Mother’s love : put the child in contact with divine life
Mountains and valleys : symbol of the activities of the intellect and heart
Music : importance of the feelings it generates
Music of the spheres : vibrate in harmony with the universe to hear it
‘My Father works and I also work’ : commentary


Narrow gate : pass through the Narrow gate ; image of the serpent which changes its skin
Nature : is God’s abode
Nature spirits : how to enter into relationship with them
Needs : Creator placed within us all means to meet them
Needs : direct them to the spiritual level where the possibilities are infinite
Needs : adults must reflect on the Needs they awaken in young people
Negative states : method to overcome them
Negative states : free yourself from them as fast as possible
Negative states : a method to overcome them
Negligence and weaknesses : encouraged by technical progress
‘Neither is new wine put into old wineskins’ : commentary
Norm : danger of taking the opinions of the majority as Norm
Novelty : making deeper understanding daily of the same truths
Number 13 : its influences
Number 4 - its symbolism : its symbolism
Nutrition : its spiritual dimension
Nutrition : may always serve as a communion


Objective and subjective worlds : human beings need to live in both
Objects : pay attention to how we handle them
Objects of everyday life : how to consider them
Occultism : its dangers
Old age : period when we taste the fruit of our efforts
Old age : a period which can be very favourable for spiritual activity
Ordeals : accept them but do not look for them
Ordeals : know that they are helpful for our evolution
Ordeals : become richer because of them
Organism : ours should serve as model for all forms of organization
Orientation : once taken, adhere to it
‘Our Father’ : how to discover the richness of this prayer


Painful tasks : consider them as a means of progress
Parents : what they should wish for their children
Parents : their responsibility toward their children
Parents and educators : first must educate themselves
Parents and educators : indispensable for awakening human beings to the spiritual life
Parsifal : symbol of the adept on the path of initiation
Path of light : where we must always advance
Perfection : work always towards one’s Perfection
Philosopher’s stone : spiritual work is comparable to the search for the Philosopher’s stone
Philosopher’s Stone : necessary spiritual conditions for its preparation
Physical and spiritual world : no longer oppose or separate them
Physical and spiritual worlds : there is no interruption between them
Physical body : must serve the manifestation of spirit
Physical body : a vehicle for the spirit
Physical body : its functions are a lesson for us
Place : to find one’s Place : to be planted in the spiritual earth
Plate of lentils : given to Jacob by Esau. Its symbolism
Pleasure : is fleeting and expensive
Plenitude : can only be obtained by concentrating on the essential
Poetry : a way of living
Poetry : the criteria for real Poetry
Positive action : how to exercise a Positive action on people
Power of thought : practise by continuous efforts
Pray : when and for what Pray
Prayer : means to attain the regions of pure light
Prayer : based on a science related to the structure of the universe
Prayer and meditation : must always have a goal.
Prayers : what we must ask God in our Prayers
Prayers : heard only by entities whose task is to take care of human beings
Praying : above all ask for light
Precious pearls : transform one’s difficulties into Precious pearls . Example of the pearl oyster.
Pre-destination of man : to become like God Himself
Presence : how to reinforce it in people and things
Presence of God : his manifestations in man
Present : limits of our power over it
Presumption : those who pronounce without previous study
Pride and humility : one impoverishes you, the other enriches
Primitive androgen : its symbolism
Principles and forms : the former are eternal and the latter must evolve
Problems : try to resolve them by love and not by violence
Problems : try to resolve them as they come along
Problems of the collective life : will be resolved when each individual reaches the higher consciousness of unity
Profession : elements which determine our choices
Progress : that we may help all of creation to advance
Progress : begin by a prick of conscience
Projects : must obey the criteria of wisdom and love
Promises : do not count on them
Psychic world : reflection of physical world
Purity : condition for plenitude
Put into practice : essential for the spiritual life


Quality : the spiritual world is placed under the sign of Quality


Racism : a misunderstanding of what humanity represents
Read and write : in all regions of the universe
Re-cycling : nature gives us the example
Reflect and act :
Reincarnation : voyage of souls is like that of water
Religion : a form which must evolve
Religion : must hold account of the evolution of mentalities
Religion : if it does not evolve harmoniously it will be forced to do so by destruction
Religion : must be based on an understanding of man
Religion : must evolve with time
Religion - must take all human activities into account : must take all human activities into account
Religion - supposes knowledge and understanding : supposes knowledge and understanding
Religion and science : must lead to the same certainties
Religions : must abandon their narrow framework. Example of Jesus
Religions : mission is to lead human beings back to their celestial home
Religions : all remind man of his divine origin
Religious objects : recipients of cosmic forces
Religious sentiment : is inscribed in the structure of the human being
Renounce : is not to deprive oneself but to substitute
Renunciation : to die in order to live
Renunciation : true Renunciation : get rid of everything which obscures our inner gaze
Repent - is only real if we try to rectify our mistakes : is only real if we try to rectify our mistakes
Responsibilities : prepare the very young to assume them
Right of the eldest : in the spiritual realm everyone has it
Royalty : supposes before anything else the mastery of self


Sacrifice : source of life and joy
Sacrifice - produces light and warmth within : produces light and warmth within
Sagittarius : its symbolism: master of instincts through thought
Salvation : is in the divine imprint that the human being carries within him
Satisfactions : do not seek them on the physical plane
Scepticism : is not a constructive attitude
Science : should be concerned with better understanding the human psyche
Science and religion : must enlighten each other
Science of health : must replace that of sickness
Science of life : the only one worth studying
Science of life : more effective for human health than advances in medicine
Science of man : all sciences must be put in its service
Science of the Word : establishes a link between heaven,and earth
Scientists and the religious : their mistakes
Secret books : their origin is in the universe and in the human being
‘Secret place’ : explanation of the parable
Security : seek it in the world of the soul and spirit
Selection : to make amongst tastes and opinions
Sensation : gives us the understanding of reality
Sentiments : and gestures; their relationship
Serpent which swallows its tail : symbolism
Sexual energies : channel and orientate them to the brain
Sexuality : how this question was obscured by Christianity
Signature : important that it is legible
Silence : install it in oneself to fuse with the light
Silence : is a language
Skin : its work is determined by our thoughts and feelings
Slavery : obedience with lower nature is a slavery
Sleep : journeys of the soul during Sleep
Sleep : provides the conditions for our study of spiritual truths
Sleep : plunged in psychic Sleep we can discover the meaning of life
Small things : begin by Small things in order to realise great things
Snowdrop : gives example of courage when facing difficulties
Society : is not transformed by violence, but by example
Society : living in it while keeping our high ideal
Solar light : receive it and project it
Solar religion : the only one which allows the realization of the Kingdom of God
Solitude : we escape it by expanding our consciousne
Solitude : a sterile state
Solomon’s Seal : its symbolism
Solutions : real Solutions are found on high, in the domain of the spirit
Soul and spirit : guarantee of love: seek the Soul and spirit
Soul sister : the complementary part of ourself with which we must fuse
Source of life : never cut yourself off from it
Spirit : is the source of true changes
Spirit : the centre around which to organize all our activities
Spirit : unassailable region in the human being
Spirit : must manifest through matter
Spirit : seek to reach the Spirit so as to master all situations
Spiritual needs : reasons to give them first place
Spiritual acquisitions - the need to prepare for : the need to prepare for
Spiritual alchemy : work of the will (sun) on the imagination (moon)
Spiritual brotherhood : its usefulness
Spiritual collectivity : usefulness for our evolution
Spiritual discipline : only acceptable to one who feels the need
Spiritual education : its usefulness for children
Spiritual engagement : never renounce it, despite inevitable discouragements
Spiritual engagement : must not lead us to neglect others
Spiritual exercises : serve to rediscover light and love
Spiritual guide : danger of presenting oneself as such if you have not received the diploma from heaven
Spiritual guide : difficulties of assuming this task
Spiritual guide : bad pretexts for refusing the idea of it
Spiritual life : its difficulties must stimulate us
Spiritual life : an effort of every moment
Spiritual life : we understand by means of our work
Spiritual master : conditions for him to manifest his powers
Spiritual master : shows us the way to God
Spiritual master : can help us, because he has had to confront the same difficulties as us
Spiritual Master : gives human beings the conditions in which to manifest their divine nature
Spiritual Master : remain inwardly close to him
Spiritual Master : the greater he is, the more demanding is his teaching
Spiritual master : prepares his disciples for their divine parents
Spiritual Master : in telling us the truth about ourselves, he is our true friend
Spiritual Masters : God reveals himself through his intermediaries
Spiritual maturity : in order to reach it we also need parents
Spiritual revelations : conditions to receive them
Spiritual teaching : why we are hesitant to accept it
Spiritual teaching : only seek it as a means for perfecting yourself
Spiritual teaching : concerns the heart, soul, and spirit more than the intellect
Spiritual teaching : creates trouble if we do not know how to apply it
Spiritual work : capture the light
Spiritual Work : is true peace
Spiritual work : based on perseverance
Spiritual work : has laws that we must know
Spiritualist : his work: to bring heaven to earth
Spiritualists : their engagement does not spare them ordeals
Spirituality : precautions necessary to live it harmoniously
Spirituality : vital necessity for the human being
Spoken word : must become the expression of the divine Word
Spring : never prevent it from flowing
St. John : the Archangel Uriel and the Festival of St. John
Start modestly : condition for success
Storm calmed : explanation of Jesus’ powers
Strength of the spirit : it produces ‘miracles’
Subconscious : its role in scientific discoveries
Subjectivity : must be educated
Subtle bodies : nourish them by elements captured in the higher regions
Subtle centres : enable us to contact the spiritual world
Subtle life : create a relationship with the Subtle life of beings
Success : each one increases our forces
Suffering : learn the lessons it teaches us
Suffering : source of the greatest realizations
Suffering : see in them a source of riches
Suffering : obliges us to turn inward
Suffering : method used as a last resort by Cosmic Intelligence to educate human beings
Summit : all answers to problems are found there
Summit - its symbolism : its symbolism
Sun : the most dazzling representation of God in the universe
Sun : visit it in our soul and spirit
Sun : the only explanation for the mystery of the Holy Trinity
Sun : as we open ourselves to it, so we must open to God
Sun : by controlling our inner chaos we will become like it
Sun : gives the principles of a universal religion
Sun : we contemplate it to elevate the vibrations of our being
Sun : symbol of the universal religion
Sun : teaches us how to stay near the summit
Sunrise : repetition of the first morning of the world
Superior nature : learn to discern its voice
Superstition - to believe we reap where we have not sown : to believe we reap where we have not sown
Sympathies and antipathies : how to use them
Synthesis : its superiority over analysis


Talent : entities we must provide with favourable conditions
Talisman : ­­its powers depend on us
Talismans : our power to transform objects into Talismans
Temptations : only the high ideal enables us to resist them
Temptations : think before succumbing
Thank you : magical word capable of transforming everything
Thought : its movement can move the entire world
Thought : permits us to take distance
Thought : strengthens the physical treatment of the sick
Thought : know people’s Thought by entering into their head
Thought : put it to work to discover the image of God within
Thoughts : are living things
Thoughts and feelings : we attract conditions that correspond to them
Thoughts and feelings : human beings are a food for creatures in the invisible world
Thoughts and feelings : start currents of beneficial or malefic forces
‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ : commentary
Time : never concern yourself with it in spiritual work
Time, work, faith : conditions to obtain results
‘To know, to want, to dare, to be silent’ : application of this precept
Tolerance : a form of intelligence
Traces : think of leaving only the best Traces
Tree : analogy with man: both made of light
Trees : consider them as living beings
Triumph of good : whatever happens, it will triumph one day
Troubles : how to remedy
Trust : knowing in whom to place it
Trust : losing it means also losing love
Trust : one of the foundations of life in society
Truth : is only discovered through the spiritual life
Truth : result of our capacity to perfect ourselves
Truth : on beings and things: a synthesis which can be made only by spirit


Unity : true Unity : that where nothing and no-one is excluded
Unity of creation : hell, like heaven, is nourished by divine life
Universal brotherhood : the only solution to humanity’s problems
Universal family : become conscious of belonging to the large Universal family
Universal harmony : we tune to it through our superior nature
Universal knowledge : only an initiatic teaching enables to rediscover it within ourselves
Universal love : brings us true life
Universal panacea : its relations with the sun
Universal religion : is the solar religion
‘Unless a man be born of water and the spirit’ : commentary
‘Unless you become like children’ - commentary : commentary


Values : to know them provides as the foundation for spiritual work
Voice of heaven : become attentive to the gentle Voice of heaven
Voice of heaven : criteria for recognising it


Water : a support for spiritual work
Water : how to enter into relationship with it
Water : analogy with life
Water - how to enter into relation with it : how to enter into relation with it
We reap what we have sown : is an absolute law
Weakness : the most serious: to believe in the infallibility of one’s points of view
Weaknesses : are in reality forces to be mobilized
Wedding feast of spirit and matter : prepare the clothing which permits you to be accepted
'Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.' : commentary
‘Whatever you wish that man would do to you…’ : commentary
Will : must sustain faith
Winter : what it represents in our psychic life
Women : by their emanations, they are capable of giving body to the idea of the Kingdom of God
Words : act on people without their knowledge
Work : to achieve it in oneself is more important than ideologies
Work : without Work, faith and hope are not sufficient
Work for the light : follow it despite hostilities
Work with thought : gives form to subtle matter
World suffering : concerns people less than their minor personal problems


‘You are the temple of the living God’ : commentaries
Youth : know how to keep a warm heart




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