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Divine revelations : no limit can be imposed on it
"The belief that God sent ‘his only son’ to earth two thousand years ago to demonstrate his love for human beings has perhaps helped some of them to evolve over a period of time. Now, however, we must abandon such an outrageous belief, because it does not represent a proper understanding of God’s love, which is immense, inexhaustible, and infinite. God has had many sons and daughters, and he will have many more. For millions of years he has sent these exceptional beings to earth to enlighten their brothers and sisters, and he will continue to send others. He has no use for Christians who have forbidden him to send anyone, under any circumstances, after Jesus, or who claim that before the coming of Jesus human beings were deprived of the true light. As if the salvation of human beings depends on the epoch in which they lived: before Jesus or after Jesus! The Church may well insist on fixing a beginning and an end to the divine revelation, but the Lord himself is not impressed by such decrees. He is beyond this and takes no notice."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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