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Selected meditation: Thursday, February 27, 2014
Earth (the) - is only our place of work
"How many people cling desperately to their earthly existence! Unaware that their life will not end with what they call death, they are even capable of committing crimes to prolong their life. Spiritual people think about things in a completely different way. They love life, finding meaning and beauty in it every day, and at the same time this life with its imposed limitations, constraints and suffering sometimes feels like a burden. Why would they not long for this other life, which they sense is more real than their earthly existence? But because they also know they have come down to earth to do a particular task, to put past mistakes right and become more developed, they accept, thinking that when they have finished this work they will leave and live in freedom in space.
That is what spiritual people know to be true, and it is why, even if they know that the true life is elsewhere, they are convinced they have something to do on earth. As long as they have not finished the work they came for, nothing else is of interest to them. They do not ask themselves whether they would rather live or die; all they want to do is finish their work. And once it is finished, they leave peacefully and joyfully."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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